Dear J.K. Rowling,

*** Spoilers in letter are hidden in white font. If you are brave, highlight to read***

Dear J.K. Rowling,

Your books have touched me deeply. The “Harry Potter” series has been something that has impacted my life in more positive ways than I can possibly count. Because of you, I wrote a book and became a published author.

My book, “Harry Potter and the Glossary of Death,” explores your world and the lessons and development your characters gain from losing friends, loved ones, and enemies to death. I ask questions in there and one in particular never got an answer throughout the series.

Until now.

I am a horrible human being. I read spoilers online and am cursed because of it. I know what happens in the “Cursed Child.” Do I regret it? No.  More so, I’m further enamored by your creativity.

You answered one of my questions. You brought back characters I never thought would be seen again as they were so minor a detail in one book. I even posed the thought, “I wish Rowling would have explored what happened to them…after this tragic event in their lives.”

Why did you bring them back Jo?

Did you do it for me? If so, I’m honored. I find it funny that these characters are something you wished to revisit.  Why are the Diggorys worth your time 10 years later?  Granted, they had a huge impact on Harry’s development in “Order.”

I’m not upset that the Diggorys are back. Quite the opposite. I’m glad they are. I had unfinished business with them that you finally provided closure. Thank you.

My main question is: Did you read my work? If so, thanks. I never expected to reach you with my observations and analysis. I find it highly ironic that you chose to explore these people again and I love you for it.

Ironically, Funko gave me a Pop! figurine of Cedric. The day I found the spoilers online, I found him in the floor. Wandless. His/her wand fell off. Like it was under wingardium leviosa’ed to the floor. Is this a sign that Queen Bee J.K. has seen my work and found me a big enough fan to provide answers to in the form of a continued story?

I don’t believe in pure coincidence. I believe in fate. Something about my questions regarding Cedric and his/her return in book/play are purely magical when combined with the wand falling off. The best part of it all, one of my main thesis questions are resolved and I have conclusion.  ^_^

I hope this letter reaches you. I just wanted you to know that I’m glad Cedric and the Diggorys got closure. Did I help in finalizing their story by bringing out the question: “where are they now?” If so, yay me! If no, I’m glad you did it. Harry developed into a fine rounded character because of the death aspect in their part of the series. I’m glad a followup is now available that answers “what happens to them after the death?” I’m also glad Harry, and now Albus Potter, can further their personal development once again through the revisiting of characters I feel lacked the appreciation they deserve for setting Harry Potter’s tragic death-fueled life into motion.

Best love,
Robert Norris

PS: If you don’t know my work, please check it outHarry Potter and the Glossary of Death

I hope it makes you proud.

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Post-College Design Update

Hello people who are currently reading this,

I figured I’d provide a quick update with some of my latest designs. Recently, I had the pleasure of doing some PR work with director Del Shores, of “Sordid Lives” fame. He is  fundraising for his latest movie and I supplied some ideas for him to help gain funds from his fans. Within a day of Mr.Shores releasing my idea via social media, funds went up several thousand dollars. This experience has been epic and truly a Godsend.

I got to thinking of other ways to promote Mr.Shores. Currently, he is using a logo for his production studios that doesn’t really suit him, in my opinion. It doesn’t capture who he is or the work he puts out. Plus, his studio’s name promotes him more than his production. I wanted to change that. Automatically, I thought of things that encompass who Del Shores is and what he creates. Namely, the word “sordid” comes to mind. Being a linguistic and communications major, my mind hears the “shuh” and “suh” sounds of both “Shores” and “sordid,” so I tried putting them together. As a result, I pitched Mr.Shores the name change of his production company to “Sordid Shores Production.” To me, it feels better sounding and promotes both the creation and the creator.

Next step, I created some mock logos. These are just roughs, mind you; yet, currently I’m waiting on feedback from Mr.Shores to see what direction he wants to take if any. Either way, I’m just glad to put my creative work to use in an environment that is highly visible and can help get my name out there.

Black/White and Color Designs Below:



Best Wishes,


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Personal Identity FINALS

Attached are the black and white (grey-scale) and color versions of my final personal identity design.

I had to change up the colors on the black/white design. The yellow stroke on the color design didn’t transfer well to grey-scale, so I made it a darker color to contrast with the background. I’m pleased with how it turned out! 🙂


See below for the two designs:

PI Color


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Personal Identity Roughs

Personal Identity

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Social Action Magazine Spread FINAL!

Attached below is a final PDF of my social action poster. I went with a semi-gothic/girly theme to show eating disorders as a result of bullying mainly because of the dark color tones.  They add a “darker” feel to the cartoonic element of the skeleton and gossiping girls.

The main issue with the piece was trying to incorporate words into the piece. Gossip is heavily a spoken thing, and I wanted to incorporate speech more than trying to focus on a design. Yes, social action posters are mainly not text heavy. However, I believe the theme of mine had to be text heavy for it to actually communicate its message.

The slogan is created by me, and I feel that it works perfectly with the bone font I found. It makes it “cute,” yet captures the dark element as well. Playing the cute/dark  themes together is tough. Despite that, I think the overall composition fits. It will capture attention, communicate its message, and stand out to readers.

Overall: I’m happy with the design. It works fairly well and I’m happy with the way it turned out. The only flaw I see is a minor conversion with the pdf file. There are the ellipsis that follow the “Sticks and Stones” statements. They are appearing as one continues lines instead of “…”. However, if you zoom in it is easy to see the three separate periods. 🙂

See below for the final PDF document:

Social Actions

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Yin-Yang Photo Collage :)

Attached is my final photo collage design…I think the background makes it stand out more compared to the rough version. Overall: I’m glad how it turned out! 🙂



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Earth Week Final Poster

Attached is my final composition for my Earth Week assignment. I think it turned out fairly well. It communicates its message easy enough and it looks fairly good. 🙂


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