Balance Design Module~ FINAL Work

Attached is a project I  did incorporating the same object in 3 different ways that depict radial, symmetrical, and asymmetrical balance. As mentioned in my design process blog, I went with a racecar theme and went from there.

My favorite design of the three is the radial composition. I like how I made the center a racing flag and directed all the cars in a “gravitational race” towards it in a spiral track. I’m not that big a fan of racing, yet the design kind of has a “sci-fi” feel which I enjoy for it’s own semi-spacey uniqueness.

The thing I dislike about my designs is some flaws within how I created the objects. Some edges are jagged, and pieces look out of sync with each other. Yet overall: the designs capture the feel of what I was going for, and I’m positive I can improve on getting rid of tiny design flaws as my ability in InDesign grows further within the upcoming projects.

Attached below is a lil “clicky linky thingy” (known to most computer savvy people as a “hyperlink”) that will pullup a PDF file with my three designs. Please click and enjoy.  :p



About Robert Norris

I am a 25 year old college graduate from Maryville College. I have a huge interest in public relations, advertising, social media marketing, and writing. I love graphic design as well and have a huge interest in creating "something from nothing." ~Thank You For Visiting My Blog. Best Of Luck! Robert E. Norris
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