Typography Project.

For my typography modular, I decided to focus on heaven and hell via font that depicts certain associations unique to “heaven” and “hell.” My favorite letter in the modular is the gothic/bloody “E” for hell. It just looks really hellish. One thing I wanted to make sure happened was that the last two letters are unique (IE: Devil L and Angel N) and bigger than the other letters.  The “H” is the “middle ground” between “heaven” and “hell” and thus the only real thing shared between the two in my image. The hardest part of creating this image was finding a gradient that I could transition into a unique looking sky to darkness theme and making it work with the colors of my letters. Aside from that, I am highly pleased at how my project turned out once completed.


Attached is a PDF with my typography project….check it out! 🙂



About Robert Norris

I am a 25 year old college graduate from Maryville College. I have a huge interest in public relations, advertising, social media marketing, and writing. I love graphic design as well and have a huge interest in creating "something from nothing." ~Thank You For Visiting My Blog. Best Of Luck! Robert E. Norris
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