Earth Week Poster Ideas

I have two main concepts for my design for the Earth Week Poster assignment.

1. An Earth’s seasons theme. Have a sun in the middle in Segoe font. Divide the poster into 1/4 and assign a season to each area. The colors in each section correspond to each season and certain glyphs used in the section add a “theme.” Dates/Info will be in the sections, and will be in Segoe.

2. Other option is a “falling leaves” theme. Leaves created with a Segoe leaf glyph. Dates/Info inside the falling leaves. Wind outside leaves blowing the leaves around. Greenish/Fall Earth tones.

That’s about it for my ideas for tonight… I may play around in illustrator and see if I can find any more funky glyphs to center a design around.




About Robert Norris

I am a 25 year old college graduate from Maryville College. I have a huge interest in public relations, advertising, social media marketing, and writing. I love graphic design as well and have a huge interest in creating "something from nothing." ~Thank You For Visiting My Blog. Best Of Luck! Robert E. Norris
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