Book Jacket Colophon


Thesis Author: Robert Norris

Cover Designer: Robert Norris

Cover Designer’s Helpful Assistants: Adrienne Schwarte and the Spring ’13 Art 3490 Class

Cover Reference: UK’s adult version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (see below)


Software Developers: Adobe

Printed by: Polly’s Pretty Printing Press of Positivity in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The original source for the cover of this thesis comes from the UK adult editions of the Harry Potter series. The thesis cover was created in Adobe Illustrator; using a basic 5 x 11 format for front and back cover, about .75 of an inch for the spine, and 2 inches for both the flaps. The cover photo was taken from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie, yet the cover design was created by Robert Norris.

Book Antiqua was used for the title. Franklin Gothic Book was used for the author information, thesis information, and quotes from the series sections. These fonts were used for their adult and professional feel to enhance the professional attitude of a thesis.

The cover image of the ring is a symbol of death within the Harry Potter series, and thus fit perfectly with the theme of the book. The image is also a photo instead of an illustration; typical of the adult versions of the Harry Potter novels. Due to the dark green “earthy” tones of the photo, it made sense to make the rest of the jacket have the same type of color to create a smoothness within the whole piece.*

Instead of typical quotes from people raving about the series or author,  quotes from the series were pulled in to “mock” that typical aspect of a hardbound book. Another aspect along those lines is the use of the Maryville College logo in reference to the typical logo of the publisher.

For legal notices, please contact Maryville College’s library.

*Note that the original photo of the ring had to be modified to fit the size of the jacket’s cover.


About Robert Norris

I am a 25 year old college graduate from Maryville College. I have a huge interest in public relations, advertising, social media marketing, and writing. I love graphic design as well and have a huge interest in creating "something from nothing." ~Thank You For Visiting My Blog. Best Of Luck! Robert E. Norris
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