KT T-Shirt Final

Attached is my final KT t-shirt design. I think it turned out well. The green color of the shirt goes well with the overall design element of the tools and MC Equation factor. The hardest part was trying to come up with a way to make the equation flow as a cohesive whole. For example, I think the = sign is out of place and not centered. Yet, I think it works in its placement because it leads well into the “(Answer of Back)” area.

Overall: I think it turned out fine!

Design download below:


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KT T-Shirt Designs => Roughs

Here you go.



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Grid Project Final

Attached is my final selection for my Grid Project. I went with the opening ceremony torch design. I felt it gave the best representation of a grid with the stairs going up to a bright torch. It captures the opening ceremony’s main event, the lighting of the torch, which serving its purpose of being an advertisement.

The hardest part of the assignment was trying to get a stair-step motion going with the steps. I still think some areas are a little off in giving a stair feel, yet I think it works overall.


See below for the PDF:

Grid Project_FINAL


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Grid Project Roughts

Attached are my roughs for the grid project, so far the middle one is my favorite and seems to work best.

Grid Project

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Pictogram Finals!

Attached are my final designs for the pictogram project.

For the purposes of this project, I wanted to focus on creating highly recognizable movies into highly recognizable icons. Within the five designs my recognition “mind-helpers” were the following:

1. “Mary Poppins” : Obviously, a lady flying in the sky with an umbrella is highly symbolic of a portion of the movie. Focusing on that aspect was easy. Adding a pattern of clouds to communicate that the lady is flying helped too and created more structure within the piece instead of just having a lady with an umbrella doing a Superman fly pose.

2. “Lord of the Rings” : This one gave me the most trouble in creating recognition. Originally I wanted to focus more on a specific scene within the movie; however, it wasn’t recognizable. So, I added in a ring around Gandalf to help symbolize the “Rings” aspect of “The Lord of the Rings.”

3. “Scream” : I figured the killer’s mask was easily recognizable. Focusing on that and adding in several knives was easy enough to represent the movie.

4. “The Cat in the Hat”: Originally, I had an actual (noncartoon) cat within a boiler hat. It was a tad obvious that people looking at it would have to work a tad harder to figure out the meaning, because it wasn’t very representative of Seuss’s work. Instead I made the cat cartoonish and added in a Seuss hat. Now it SHOULD be fairly obvious that my piece is representative of “The Cat in the Hat”

5.  “King Kong” : I wanted to focus on having the Empire State Building being central, with King Kong walking towards it from off the artboard. The element of scale was tricky, originally I had the building a bit smaller; however, now it is more prominent and fits better with a giant gorilla coming at it.

Overall: I’m pleased with how it all turned out!

Attached below are the final pictograms-



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Pictogram Roughs


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What is a Pictograph/Pictogram? Robert’s Perspective

Personally, I have to separate the terms “pictograph” from “pictogram.”

I’ve always been taught that a pictograph is a graph that uses pictures as representations of data instead of typical bars, lines, or dots.

This, to me, is a pictograph:

This is a pictograph.

This is a pictograph.

A pictogram, on the other hand, is a visual representation that coveys a certain meaning through visual characters, objects, or words. IE: Commonplace pictograms include the male and female symbols you see hanging outside restrooms.

Pictograms go beyond language boundaries.  Anyone, from anywhere,  who views a pictogram should be able to understand its meaning. IE: If you see a skull and crossbones, you assume either danger or piracy.

Examples of pictograms:

A pictogram representation of the movie "Psycho."

A pictogram representation of the movie “Psycho.”

Common pictograms

Common pictograms

Note: In the “Psycho” pictogram, the images are fairly obvious representations of what they are supposed to mean. Girl in shower + man in knife = viewer awareness of graphic representation of the film.

For graphic design purposes, pictograms are synonymous with pictographs. However, in other fields they are two different things.

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