Social Action Magazine Spread FINAL!

Attached below is a final PDF of my social action poster. I went with a semi-gothic/girly theme to show eating disorders as a result of bullying mainly because of the dark color tones.  They add a “darker” feel to the cartoonic element of the skeleton and gossiping girls.

The main issue with the piece was trying to incorporate words into the piece. Gossip is heavily a spoken thing, and I wanted to incorporate speech more than trying to focus on a design. Yes, social action posters are mainly not text heavy. However, I believe the theme of mine had to be text heavy for it to actually communicate its message.

The slogan is created by me, and I feel that it works perfectly with the bone font I found. It makes it “cute,” yet captures the dark element as well. Playing the cute/dark  themes together is tough. Despite that, I think the overall composition fits. It will capture attention, communicate its message, and stand out to readers.

Overall: I’m happy with the design. It works fairly well and I’m happy with the way it turned out. The only flaw I see is a minor conversion with the pdf file. There are the ellipsis that follow the “Sticks and Stones” statements. They are appearing as one continues lines instead of “…”. However, if you zoom in it is easy to see the three separate periods. 🙂

See below for the final PDF document:

Social Actions


About Robert Norris

I am a 25 year old college graduate from Maryville College. I have a huge interest in public relations, advertising, social media marketing, and writing. I love graphic design as well and have a huge interest in creating "something from nothing." ~Thank You For Visiting My Blog. Best Of Luck! Robert E. Norris
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